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How long would it take to replace my roof?

Every one of our customers will be responded to in a timely fashion. All roofing projects should begin within 2 weeks of your call. For your convenience one of our agents will be sent to your home to inspect the old roof and give you the peace of mind of knowing you will get the best roof for your needs. All supplies should be shipped to your home the day before your new roof project begins. Our highly trained roofers will start and finish in a day. However, depending on weather and other uncontrollable factors such as holidays, roof conditions such as rotten sheathing, the process may take longer than expected. But rest assured that Roof Pros will make your new roof timely and stress free.

Taking off the old roof

Our roofers will start from the top and work their way to the bottom letting the old shingles fall onto tarps so that we can quickly clean up and leave your lawn as beautiful as your new roof. We will also cover your planter areas with plywood to insure the plants are safe and secure from falling debris. All debris will be hauled away the day of the tear off. If the job were to go into the next day, we will insure your roof isn’t left bare. Tarps will be laid across the top to insure your roof is safe from precipitation.

Rotten, damaged sheathing and structural damage

Should your roof have damages to the underlying plywood, our roofers will insure that all damages are documented. All damages to the plywood and or rafters will be replaced to insure the highest quality of your new roof. Should damages to the ply wood or sub structure be found, Roof Pros will follow all shingle manufacturers guidelines when replacing any wood, rafters, and or fascia board insuring warranty coverage to your roof.

Roof Pros sheathing recommendations

It’s not uncommon for an old roof to have damages to the underlying plywood. When replacing a roof, it is very important to insure the underlying plywood is not warped, cracked or rotten. Should we find damages of this sort, we have two options, OSB or plywood. Over the years plywood has been a universal material for creating the underlayment of a roof. However, the new design of OSB (Orientated Strand Board) has become a very significant breakthrough for ours and many other companies of our stature. It’s cheaper, more reliable, it doesn’t warp, and it lasts much longer than your generic plywood. With the use of OSB, Roof Pros and our customers can feel more comfortable knowing our guarantee is backed by good, quality products.

Deck Clips

Deck Clips are metal braces placed between the boards of your roof to keep them from buckling in instances of humidity or drastic weather changes. It allows the wood boards to adapt to weather changes without shifting or bubbling as well. Deck clipping is not a requirement for any roof nor is it used as such. Many roof contractors choose to neglect this technique due to its tediousness. However, Roof Pros believe this to be a small but significant way to keep our customers new roof beautiful and long lasting. Deck clipping is a technique Roof Pros would suggest for any and all of our customers.

Roof Underlayment

Asphalt felt underlayment is not intended for moisture protection but for help in extreme weather where water might find its way below the surface of your roof by wind driven rain and water from other sources. Its original intent is to keep the decking from expanding due to weather changes. The type of felt used will entirely depend on the slope of your roof. All Roof Pros customers will be provided with the right underlayment to fit their roof.

Keeping it weather proof

There are many places in your roof that have a higher potential for leaks. These places consist of valleys, the area around vent pipes, the parameter of the chimney, wall flashing, and can also include the eaves of your roof where ice dams are very probable. In areas like these, Roof Pros adds extra protection for your piece of mind and an extended manufacturer’s warranty. To keep these areas of your roof safe and secure from the expensive damages of a leak, we will install weather guard underlayment. Weather guard underlayment is a composite material of asphalt polymers, formed into a rolled sheet that can be placed in these vulnerable areas of your roof. Though it is not required, Roof Pros suggests this product to all of our customers to keep future damage and repairs at a minimum.

Drip Edge

Drip edge is the metal edging that goes around the entire parameter of the roof. It is fastened underneath the shingling and can be partly seen just above the top of the fascia boards. The drip edge is designed for a multitude of reasons. It keeps the decking from being exposed to insure rotting and corrosion doesn’t occur on the edges of the decking, but most important it allows rainwater to flow directly into the gutters at the eaves of the roof. Without the drip edge water can leak in between the fascia board and the gutter leaving water marks and corrosion on the fascia board, which defeats the purpose of having a guttering system. Drip edge will be installed for all our customers to provide beauty and direct water flow to the guttering system.

Seamless Guttering Systems

There are two ways to install a seamless guttering system, the right way and the wrong way. Believe it or not the wrong way is used more often than not by many local and nationwide roofing companies. In many cases the gutters are fastened along the fascia using nails or long screws. This, however, is a perfect example of the wrong way to install a guttering system. Roof Pros have found that using hidden hanger fasteners are a much more reliable and efficient way to install a guttering system. It allows for a straight hang that keeps the gutter from pulling away from the fascia over time, which can happen when using nails or screws. Roof Pros can guarantee a great look and excellent water flow for any customer desiring a new seamless guttering system

Starter Strips vs. Three Tab

Many companies use three tabs as starters instead of actual starter strips. Using three tabs as starters is a legitimate technique. However, this technique creates more factors in keeping the manufactures warranty valid, increases waste of time and material, and doesn’t look as good when applied. Some roofers simply turn three tab shingles upside down to save time instead of cutting off the tabs so the tar line is flush with the edges; this can void the manufacturer’s warranty and can create a high potential for wind damage. Therefore, starter strips will be used for all Roof Pros’ customers to insure a valid warranty and high quality roof for all our customers.

Pipe Flashing

A great roof consists of more than good shingles and underlayment. It also consists of good accessories such as lead pipe flashing. Lead flashing lasts much longer than any other material on the market and we believe that pipes, vents and any other accessory associated with your roof should last just as long, if not longer, than the shingles of your roof. Roof Pros will use lead flashing for all our customers to provide a long lasting, leak proof roof.

Low Profile Vents

Low profile vents are seen in just about every home. These vents are generally used for bathroom fans, stove hoods, and in most cases, dryer vents. Maintenance to your bathroom fans, and stove hoods are not common and problems with these come very rare. However, depending on the placement of your dryer vents, maintenance can be very crucial in keeping you and your home safe. For example, if your dryer vent is not directly linked to the outside wall, problems with lint build up can be an issue. When lint builds up in your vents, it can become a huge vulnerability for a fire. Having your dryer vents cleaned every few years can drastically reduce the chance of a fire and in the installation of a new roof, Roof Pros will insure dryer vents are cleaned or replaced for your safety.

Chimneys and Flashings

Interlacing metal, wood, brick, felt and shingles to create a watertight penetration can sometimes be challenging. The challenge often depends on the condition of the existing chimney. We evaluate each chimney on a per case basis. Proper chimney work can be somewhat costly, but doing it wrong can cost hundreds more. Chimneys made of brick; wood shingles, wood and/or vinyl siding are all handled differently. Your roof consultant will discuss the proper installation procedures for your specific situation. Before the installation of the metal flashing on your chimney, felt paper should be placed up the sides of the chimney. Weather Guard will also be installed two feet around the entire perimeter of the chimney, up the sides, and underneath the counter flashing. New counter-flashing and step flashings are used in conjunction with ring-shank grommet nails on the bottom pans completing a watertight chimney-flashing project. Counter flashing is metal that was originally mortared into the brick. Unfortunately, these flashings are most often installed quickly and improperly during the construction of your home. If these flashings need to be replaced, we will use a diamond tipped blade to cut into the mortar and will install a new enamel-finished or copper, custom counter-flashing.


Installing a new skylight or replacing an old skylight is an extremely tedious process. Skylights are extremely vulnerable for leaks therefore, when installing your new skylight; Roof Pros will take every precaution and insure your new skylight is installed correctly, which includes laying water shield around the entire parameter of the skylight. We understand that installing a new skylight can make your home more comfortable, and give it a fantastic look that every customer should want. Therefore, Roof Pros has strived to become experts in this process to make your new skylight not only clean and sharp, but most of all, leak proof and worry free.

Walls and Flashing

When installing wall flashing it is important to understand how vulnerable these areas are for leaks. When inspecting your old roof, challenges may arise when it comes to installing new flashing. Any challenge related to this matter will be discussed with you before installation of your new roof takes place. In some cases, new siding may need to be installed to insure the reliability of your flashing.


Valleys are a very vulnerable part of any roof. Due to the amount of water flow in these areas, large leaks are very common on poorly constructed roofs. However, by taking the right steps, Roof Pros can insure that these areas are leak free for the life of the roof. Good valleys start with WinterGuard™ waterproofing shingle underlayment the entire length of the valley. Proper placement of felt, staples, nails and shingles are the most critical aspects of a leak free valley. Roof Pros has consistently roof valleys the correct way, roof after roof, year after year!


Installation of an efficient wind turbine and or attic vent is absolutely necessary in keeping your attic properly ventilated. A properly ventilated attic is crucial to keeping a new roof lasting as long as possible. Poor attic ventilation can cause warped decking and moisture to occur. This can also completely void the manufacturer’s warranty if your attic is not properly ventilated, therefore, Roof Pros will treat this matter with care and insure your attic is properly ventilated. Ridge vent offers the highest net free area of any roof ventilation choice on the market.

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